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Not Every Hormone That You Use Offers the Same Effect
06.11.2016 13:01

Not Every Hormone That You Use Offers the Same Effect

All growth hormones that are used by people for its health benefits can also render some adverse effects as well, if not taken with proper care. One such growth hormone is Bovine Somatotropin, generally known by the name of bovine growth hormone. The word bovine refers to the cattle and the word somatotropin means a hormone. These hormones are produced in cattle and cows just like humans, who produce the similar growth hormone called somatotropin in the pituitary gland.

How these growth hormones are manufactured?

Bovine Somatotropin is a peptide hormone that is manufactured in the pituitary glands of cows and cattle. Both human and bovine somatotropin delivers the same functions and regulate the body metabolism. The hormone was manufactured in 1970 by many biotechnical companies using recombinant DNA technology. The hormone is also approved by FDA, but its usage is still questionable.

This hormone neither was, nor is it being used as a human growth hormone to get rid of the deficiencies. It was earlier used to enhance the milk production in dairy cattle, after being approved by Food and Drug Administration. Many of the countries have approved its usage for this purpose, but after seeing its effect on humans it was later banned. However, there is no such scientific proof that when the hormone is used for increasing milk productivity, it can cause any adverse effect on human growth and development.

How safe is it to use this hormone?  

The independent study being conducted by National Institute of Health, FDA and World Health Organization proved that the hormone Bovine Somatotropin, used for stimulating milk production is safe for consumption. The other reason which has made it one of the favorable hormones is that the milk produced contain greater amount of insulin, which supports growth in human beings.

Due to its benefits it is also considered safe for the consumption of humans, infants, new born child and also children, who consume synthetically produced milk. Some of the pros and cons that a growth hormone serves are -

The hormone increases the efficiency of milk production.

The effect of the hormone in humans is certain but the exposure is not that much.

The hormone is not absorbed by human body.


The use of Bovine Somatotropin has been reduced greatly and very few farmers continue to use this hormone.


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