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Today’s market is filled with supplements and drugs containing artificial Human Growth Hormone. These supplements are widely consumed in various fields including medicine, body building and weight lifting, dermatology etc. Jintropin is one such supplement which is rich in artificial HGH boosters and amino acids. It is produced by a Chinese company known as Genescience Pharmaceuticals.

However, it is illegal to consume in many countries. Though, you can obtain it from the black market at cheap rates. In order to understand, the reason behind Jintropin being illegal in many countries, we must understand its functioning and results. In this article, we will be talking about the right way to consume Jintropin and its results. 

Understanding the results given by Jintropin - Is it really safe?

Jintropin is an artificial HGH supplement which is bought and sold illegally. People can now obtain Jintropin from anywhere. Before we understand the results of Jintropin, we must analyze the reason why is it consumed.

The HGH is produced by the pituitary gland along with various other sexual hormones. It is responsible for maintaining the basic growth of the body, wellbeing of various organs and controlling the inflow of glucose in the body, preventing diabetes. However, many a times, a person may face some malfunctioning of the organ, which can lead to HGH deficiency. This deficiency can be cured by consuming various HGH enhancers including Jintropin. Here are some of the expected results of it -

It is known to enhance the metabolism.

The amino acids present in it, helps to synthesize the HGH enhancers in the body properly to give you the maximum positive results.

The HGH enhancers will boost the production of the Human Growth Hormone in the body.

What are the various side effects of consuming Jintropin?

Since Jintropin is only available in the form of injections, and injections are considered as the strongest, it can harm the body in a negative way. There is short term, as well as long term side effects of Jintropin. Some of them have been listed below -

Severe pain in the joints caused due to lack of mobility and stiffness.

A sudden sensation in the skin which is unpleasant.

The cells growth becomes faster after the consumption of this supplement. This can also lead to the growth of cancer cells.

Swelling in certain areas.

Most body builders combine Jintropin with various strong anabolic drugs, which can aggravate the harm to the body. Hence, it is always advisable to combine it with less strong steroids. 


HGH supplements have a lot of benefits associated with them. It is easily available in the market and can be conveniently procured. HGH supplements are quite useful for those seeking following results:-


  • Teenagers who wish to gain more height
  • Sports personnel seeking muscle gain
  • Athletes and body builders looking for enhanced endurance levels 
  • Many more such results

As per medical science, an average human anatomy has pituitary glands and hypothalamus. These two are the main sources from where the hormones are released. They work their best, especially during your adolescence/ puberty phase. Another key highlight about them is that their functionality declines as you age. It is a natural phenomenon.

Beware of the Marketing gimmicks

There are two terms used in marketing:-

Demand push - manufacturers sell only what they make

Demand pull - need is derived/analyzed, then segmented products are made

Since HGH supplements’ market is already much cluttered, it is more of demand push happening. Some manufacturers will show images, depicting perfect bodies and best metabolism, whereas the results may not be as what is shown to you. There are also chances that the supplement that you buy may not have what you actually need. Different bodies have different requirements. 


Getting a doctor’s prescription is the best thing to do. The reason is such that the supplements should be taken at proper intervals in different dosages and has to be blended with correct lifestyle. Doctors consider the following factors before prescribing these to anybody:-



Medical history

Post you start consuming it, your practitioner may call you for:-

Blood tests

Weight check

Do a thorough research about the supplement before taking it.

Some phrases to catch

Just because you liked the model’s picture, posted along with the supplements do not buy it. Check the reviews written by people, who have consumed this product. However, at times, the reviews may be bought.

In many cases, users don’t put in effort to give proper reviews. They generally post 1 line reviews like the ones mentioned below:-


  • I feel rejuvenated after consuming this supplement
  • I had this supplement with 72 hours. Thank you HGH
  • Your program for weight gain - I changed completely

Although these are positive reviews, they do not give as much information as you would like. Therefore, you might have to do more research to gather all the information about the HGH products that you are interested in, so that you can make informed buying decision.



Human growth hormone is usually called as HGH and it is a kind of injection that works as a supplement for your body to grow in a natural way.  In order to understand your body type and whether or not you need it you must consult your doctor. You will not be able to buy it without proper prescription as t is illegal to use, sell, or buy it.

These glands are present in the brain and they help in secretion of hormones which regulate growth and development. Like you all must be aware that the hormonal imbalance is something that is very common. It can happen anytime to anyone. Sometimes, when these growth hormones face some imbalance then there is a halt of growth that is visible in the personality.


The work of these supplements is to regulate the natural supply of hormones

The way these supplements work is not so complicated. However some people confuse it by thinking that they directly help the person to develop and build up their body. This is not true. The fact is that the HGH supplements basically initiate the secretion of natural hormones that help in overall development. Along with development that are many other things that growth hormone help in like -

Increasing the metabolism

Securing the immune system

Shaping up the body 

Strengthening the muscles

Aiding in weight loss

Synthetically grown hormones work best if there is some dysfunctional

These supplements are designed with great proficiency in the laboratory just to replace the low level of hormones that are naturally produced in the body. The inadequate production can be because of many reasons like any malfunction or dysfunction.

These supplements are sometimes diagnosed for the children with some sort of development dysfunction. Due to the failure in growth the children face lot of problem physically and emotionally. They cannot cope up with their peers in terms of height and growth and this can become very demeaning for them as they can become target of the intense bullying. This in return lowers their self esteem.

A wide number o HGH brands can be diagnosed by the doctors depending upon the age, situation, and goals. However, while using these supplements it is very crucial that your progress is observed by a medical professional. Handling these supplements without proper guidance can be dangerous. 



Not Every Hormone That You Use Offers the Same Effect

All growth hormones that are used by people for its health benefits can also render some adverse effects as well, if not taken with proper care. One such growth hormone is Bovine Somatotropin, generally known by the name of bovine growth hormone. The word bovine refers to the cattle and the word somatotropin means a hormone. These hormones are produced in cattle and cows just like humans, who produce the similar growth hormone called somatotropin in the pituitary gland.

How these growth hormones are manufactured?

Bovine Somatotropin is a peptide hormone that is manufactured in the pituitary glands of cows and cattle. Both human and bovine somatotropin delivers the same functions and regulate the body metabolism. The hormone was manufactured in 1970 by many biotechnical companies using recombinant DNA technology. The hormone is also approved by FDA, but its usage is still questionable.

This hormone neither was, nor is it being used as a human growth hormone to get rid of the deficiencies. It was earlier used to enhance the milk production in dairy cattle, after being approved by Food and Drug Administration. Many of the countries have approved its usage for this purpose, but after seeing its effect on humans it was later banned. However, there is no such scientific proof that when the hormone is used for increasing milk productivity, it can cause any adverse effect on human growth and development.

How safe is it to use this hormone?  

The independent study being conducted by National Institute of Health, FDA and World Health Organization proved that the hormone Bovine Somatotropin, used for stimulating milk production is safe for consumption. The other reason which has made it one of the favorable hormones is that the milk produced contain greater amount of insulin, which supports growth in human beings.

Due to its benefits it is also considered safe for the consumption of humans, infants, new born child and also children, who consume synthetically produced milk. Some of the pros and cons that a growth hormone serves are -

The hormone increases the efficiency of milk production.

The effect of the hormone in humans is certain but the exposure is not that much.

The hormone is not absorbed by human body.


The use of Bovine Somatotropin has been reduced greatly and very few farmers continue to use this hormone.


There are three glands in the endocrine system in the brain. These are- the pineal, the hypothalamus and the pituitary. The pituitary gland is responsible for the manufacturing and secretion of the growth hormone in the body. The growth hormones are peptide hormones, which are in the form of short polypeptide chains and proteins.

The growth hormone stimulates the body’s metabolism, as it contains 191 amino acids. It has various other functions like:

  • It supports the activation and deactivation of enzymes in the body.
  • It helps in stimulating mitosis i.e. cellular division and replication.
  • It helps in regulating various tissues, organs, cellular structures and molecules in the body.
  • It increases metabolism and help in protein synthesis.
  • It brings the changes in permeability of cellular membranes.

The process of the secretion of growth hormone goes like this:

  • Manufacturing: The pituitary gland is responsible for not only manufacturing of this growth hormone, but also for maintaining its balance in the body. It also oversees the function and secretion process of other glands.
  • Hypothalamus: The hypothalamus gland located near pituitary gland is responsible for sensing the level of growth hormone in the body. When the level is low, it sends a chemical messenger in the blood stream.
  • Adequacy: The hypothalamus gland secretes somatsostatin to instruct pituitary gland about the levels. If the level is adequate, it instructs to maintain it and if the level is high, it instructs it to decrease the secretion and production of the hormone.

This process remains the same for other hormone-secreting glands in the body. The growth hormone not only stimulates the bone growth but it also helps in additional physiological responses. Generally, the secretion of growth hormone increases while exercising and decreases during sleep. Excess or deficient secretion of growth hormone can lead to dwarfism or gigantism in children.

The bodybuilders or athletes often tend to suffer from acromegaly in which due to the high dosage of growth hormone, the bones and tissues in hands, feet, etc. grow at an abnormal rate with deformities. The secretion of growth hormone starts to decline in mid 30’s. Thus, it is advisable to take foods rich in amino acids and growth supplements.

However, growth supplements must be taken only after the advice of the doctors and within adequate range on the basis of age and health. The balance must be maintained between adequate levels.


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