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HGH Supplements - Reality VS Hype
15.11.2016 13:16

HGH supplements have a lot of benefits associated with them. It is easily available in the market and can be conveniently procured. HGH supplements are quite useful for those seeking following results:-


  • Teenagers who wish to gain more height
  • Sports personnel seeking muscle gain
  • Athletes and body builders looking for enhanced endurance levels 
  • Many more such results

As per medical science, an average human anatomy has pituitary glands and hypothalamus. These two are the main sources from where the hormones are released. They work their best, especially during your adolescence/ puberty phase. Another key highlight about them is that their functionality declines as you age. It is a natural phenomenon.

Beware of the Marketing gimmicks

There are two terms used in marketing:-

Demand push - manufacturers sell only what they make

Demand pull - need is derived/analyzed, then segmented products are made

Since HGH supplements’ market is already much cluttered, it is more of demand push happening. Some manufacturers will show images, depicting perfect bodies and best metabolism, whereas the results may not be as what is shown to you. There are also chances that the supplement that you buy may not have what you actually need. Different bodies have different requirements. 


Getting a doctor’s prescription is the best thing to do. The reason is such that the supplements should be taken at proper intervals in different dosages and has to be blended with correct lifestyle. Doctors consider the following factors before prescribing these to anybody:-



Medical history

Post you start consuming it, your practitioner may call you for:-

Blood tests

Weight check

Do a thorough research about the supplement before taking it.

Some phrases to catch

Just because you liked the model’s picture, posted along with the supplements do not buy it. Check the reviews written by people, who have consumed this product. However, at times, the reviews may be bought.

In many cases, users don’t put in effort to give proper reviews. They generally post 1 line reviews like the ones mentioned below:-


  • I feel rejuvenated after consuming this supplement
  • I had this supplement with 72 hours. Thank you HGH
  • Your program for weight gain - I changed completely

Although these are positive reviews, they do not give as much information as you would like. Therefore, you might have to do more research to gather all the information about the HGH products that you are interested in, so that you can make informed buying decision.


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